The Elections Are Coming!

  • 27 April 2016 |
  • Written by  Pastor Lon Wagner
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A little over 6 months until the November elections.  I'm going to do my part in keeping things civil....will you join me?

For the duration of the election season, I hereby pledge to uphold the highest standards of truth and civility in word, thought, and deed.  On my honor, I will:

•    Just say no to crazy email forwards, and to any other noxious electronic communication that comes my way. Everyone in your address book will thank us. We promise.

•    Communicate in a spirit of truth, humility, love, and patience with all people I come in contact with, despite our political disagreements or family relationship. That goes for Uncle Frank. Especially Uncle Frank.

•    Question any and all statements that sound mean, vindictive, or absurd; that provide no source or context; or that are politically motivated. So, pretty much everything you hear on cable TV news.

•    Share and enjoy stories of folks who are living out an attitude of truth and civility. Make sure each story meets both requirements: Nice people telling lies don’t count.

•    As a witness for God, encourage and spread a message of hope and reconciliation to a world that is deeply divided by political and cultural differences. Like Jesus taught.   - Pastor Lon Wagner

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