About Bethany

Bethany Christian Reformed Church is a community of believers who share a passion for Christ and a compassion for people.  We seek to serve the whole person in our community as a generous partner and servant leader so they may know God and have life.

We call ourselves Christian because we confess that we belong to Jesus Christ and want to be his disciples. We believe that God has made room for us in His Kingdom and calls us to make room for others who seek to know God.

We call ourselves Reformed because we’re part of this historic branch of Christ’s church. The distinctive teachings of the Reformed community emphasize that our God reigns over creation yet he calls us into a covenant with Him to show the world what the kingdom of God looks like by the way we live.


We profess that Jesus is Lord.  That means all of our life is lived under his leadership: our worship, work, relationships, and recreation.

In addition, we emphasize that God continues his process of reforming the world. We recognize that God the Holy Spirit continues to change us and enables us to be change agents by influencing our community and world. You can find more about the CRC through this link www.CRCNA.org

We call ourselves a church, a community of believers called out by God, empowered by the Holy Spirit to be followers of Christ as we represent His love in this world.

This local congregation was established in 1943 and seeks to bring about Christ's rule in the greater Bellflower community. Our shared purpose is to reach out with the good news of Christ through word and deed, to build up by deepening our relationship with God through Bible study and prayer, and to share in the adventure as a community of believers. The Bible gives us the core values for doing the ministry God has assigned us.